Pegasus is very ‘dangerous’ spy software, know what it can do in your phone, Pegasus a sophisticated snooping software may harm you in many ways

Pegasus is very ‘dangerous’ spy software, know what it can do in your phone, Pegasus a sophisticated snooping software may harm you in many ways

Pegasus a sophisticated snooping software may harm you in many ways

Pegasus software is very dangerous.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspBCCL


  • Pegasus Software is considered top class in terms of spying software
  • Israeli company NSO has made it, charges huge fees for license
  • This software secretly enters the user’s phone and steals the information.

New Delhi : The Pegasus espionage case has heated up around the world including India. After claims that governments have used software from the Israeli company NSO to spy on their citizens, politics has been rocked. Media reports have claimed that around 300 people, including politicians and journalists in India, have been tapped and spied on their phones. Congress is aggressive on the Pegasus case and has demanded a fair investigation by accusing the government of violating democratic rights. Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh has given notice in Rajya Sabha for discussion on this in Parliament.

Why did NSO make Pegasus?
Israeli company NSO works in the field of cyber security. In view of the increasing crime and terrorism in the world, the company thought of making such software which would help the intelligence and security agencies in catching the criminals. Keeping this in mind, the company designed Pegasus software. The company sells this application to sovereign countries. This software does not come in the hands of any private person. The company charges a huge amount of money for the license of this software.

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What can Pegasus do?
iOS and Android operating systems can be hacked. Apple is known for the security of its data, but this application also broke into it. Apple later fixed the flaws in its devices.

  1. It is said that it can also hack iPad and iPhone.
  2. It can also turn on the phone’s camera and microphone.
  3. NSO takes 50 to 60 crores from the governments annually for the license of this software.
  4. Once this application is downloaded, a person sitting thousands of miles away can access your phone.
  5. Pegasus can send out all your phone information. He can hack your password, contact list, messages, live voice and send it out.
  6. Pegasus is said to be able to listen and read encrypted messages as well.

what is pegasus
Pegasus is a malware or software or application that enters your phone and sends your personal information, conversations and videos to its handlers outside without your knowledge. It is considered to be the best spy software ever. It was not easy to detect it in the phone. The phone number to be spied on, a message, link, pop up comes on that number. When a person clicks on it, this application is downloaded to his/her phone.

You can enter the phone even with a missed call.
The person does not know that the spying application has been downloaded in his phone. These spy software are designed in such a way that the company gets access to the phone without the knowledge of the user. The buzz is that even a missed call can cause Pegasus to enter your phone.

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