Taliban In Afghanistan: After all, how did the Taliban spread so fast in Afghanistan, the important question

Taliban In Afghanistan: After all, how did the Taliban spread so fast in Afghanistan, the important question

Taliban In Afghanistan: After all, how did the Taliban spread so fast in Afghanistan, the important question


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After all, how did the Taliban spread so fast in Afghanistan, important question&nbsp


  • Taliban rule over most of Afghanistan
  • Taliban fighters are just 90 km away from Kabul
  • US, UK, Germany tough on Taliban spread

Kabul. The speed with which the Taliban is progressing in Afghanistan has taken many by surprise. The Taliban are increasingly taking control of regional capitals, one after the other. According to the BBC report, the situation is clearly in favor of the insurgents, while the Afghan government is struggling to maintain its grip on power. This week, a leaked US intelligence report predicted that Kabul could be under attack within a few weeks and the government could fall within 90 days.

Is the Afghan army confined to paper only?
The US and its NATO allies, including Britain, have spent the best part of the past 20 years training and equipping Afghan security forces. The report said countless American and British generals claimed to have created a more powerful and capable Afghan army. But today looks quite empty. As a theory, the Afghan government still needs a larger force to deal with the situation. On paper, the Afghan security forces number more than 300,000, including Afghans. Army, Air Force and Police are involved, but in reality the country has always struggled to meet its recruitment goals.

Has the Afghan army betrayed
The report said the Afghan military and police have a very disturbing history of high casualties, deportations and corruption. Some unscrupulous commanders have claimed the salaries of soldiers who simply did not exist. That is, examples like grabbing salaries in the name of soldiers who were not even there have been seen. On the other hand, there are incidents of casualties of soldiers due to attacks on the other hand. US Congress in its latest report In 2011, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan (SIGAR) raised serious concerns about the corrosive effects of corruption, as well as the questionable accuracy of data on the actual strength of the force. Jack Watling of the Royal United Services Institute It is to be said that even the Afghan army has never been sure of how many soldiers it actually has.

What is the opinion of experts
In addition, he says there are also problems such as maintaining equipment and morale. Soldiers are often sent to areas where they have no family ties. The report said that one reason could be that some people have been so quick to leave their positions without a fight. On the other hand, the strength of the Taliban is even more difficult to measure. US Combatting Terrorism at West Point The center estimates the main force to be 60,000 fighters. As with other militia groups and supporters, this number may be as high as 200,000. But Mike Martin, a Pashto-speaking former British Army officer who wrote his book ‘An Intimate War’ The U.S. has monitored the history of the conflict in Helmand, warning of the dangers of defining the Taliban as a single monolithic group.

Instead he says that “the Taliban is close to a coalition of independent suffragists – and perhaps temporarily – allied to each other. He notes that the Afghan government is also inspired by local factional motivations. The report states that Afghanistan The changing history of the U.S. shows how families, tribes, and even government officials have switched sides. Again, the Afghan government should have an advantage both in terms of money and weapons.

Resources not used properly!
It has received billions of dollars to pay for soldiers’ salaries and equipment, mostly by the US. In its July 2021 report, SIGAR said that more than $88 billion has been spent on Afghanistan’s security. However, the question remains whether that money has been put to good use. Afghanistan The U.S. Air Force should provide a significant edge on the battlefield.

But it has fought relentlessly to maintain and crew its 211 planes (a problem that is becoming more acute with the Taliban deliberately targeting pilots). At the same time it does not appear to be able to meet the demands of commanders on the ground. So the recent involvement of US Air Force on cities like Lashkar Gah, which have come under Taliban attack, it is still unclear. How long is America ready to provide that aid?

The Taliban has often relied on revenue from the drug trade, but they have also received support from outside – particularly from Pakistan. Recently, the Taliban have seized weapons and equipment from Afghan security forces – some of which the US – including Humvees, night sights, machine guns, mortars and artillery. The report states that Afghanistan was already full of weapons after the Soviet invasion and the Taliban have shown that even they Can defeat even the most sophisticated force.

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