What happens if you name yourself Amber before meeting the actual Amber

What happens if you name yourself Amber before meeting the actual Amber

Amber is one of the first interactive characters in Genshin Impact, and players have discovered a hilarious scenario when they set their character’s name as Amber.

This scenario will occur during the initial conversations between Amber and the player’s character in Genshin Impact’s prologue. The reaction that Amber has to the user’s name being identical to her own name is absolutely hilarious.

Amber’s response upon hearing her own name is:

“…Doesn’t sound like a local name to me.”

Although this response is simply a pre-recorded voice line, the in-game scenario where Amber says this for her own name is quite amusing.

Fans from the Genshin Impact community then came up with other possible scenarios where this voice line could have a funny outcome. Fans even managed to draw up certain theories revolving around this specific voice line for Amber.

Community reactions to Amber
Community reactions to Amber’s voice line (Image via YouTube)

Amber’s hilarious voice line in Genshin Impact

Some players suggested that this specific scenario could have been designed as an epic boss fight, where Amber chooses to fight over the name with a voice line like this: “there can only be one.”

Additional theories for Amber
Additional theories for Amber’s possible voice lines (Image via YouTube)

Apart from that, there were various theories suggesting that Amber is the goddess who appears at the beginning of the game and that her name is fake.

On top of that, some players came up with possible scenarios where Amber claims that the character’s name does not sound like a local one and ends up triggering an alternate storyline.

For example, claiming that the name Jean does not sound local could result in Amber getting removed from the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact.

Hillarious theories derived from Amber
Hillarious theories derived from Amber’s voice line in Genshin Impact (Image via YouTube)

However, it is safe to say that none of these scenarios or theories are plausible. Regardless of the name that players use in Genshin Impact, the in-game response from Amber will always be the same without triggering any additional action.

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