What is breakout room: What is breakout room and what is special in Videomeet, know here

What is breakout room: What is breakout room and what is special in Videomeet, know here

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Videomeet is a Made in India platform&nbsp


  • Videomeet is a Made in India VC platform
  • Breakout Room feature launched in Videomeet
  • Breakout room participants can have audio, video and screen sharing

Made in India video conferencing/webinar platform VideoMeet has launched the Breakout Room feature for its users. This feature allows meeting hosts on the platform to split their ongoing VideoMeet meeting into several separate smaller sessions or rooms, all with manual and automatic adjustable countdown timers to join the start-up meeting. is.

Features of Videomeet Break Out Room
Videomeet breakout room participants have the ability to share audio, video, and screens. The host of the meeting will not be assigned a breakout room and the host cannot see or hear what is happening in the breakout room during the meeting in complete privacy. This feature is perfect for brainstorming sessions, any small to large size Key meetings can be turned into several separate sessions with small groups of people. It can be specifically randomly selected by the host to complete a given task in a stipulated time, and then the participants can automatically connect back.

Dr. Ajay Data, Founder, Videomeet, said, “The breakout room feature is a good choice for industries working in corporate training, events, coaching, mentoring, tutoring and even online school classes. It is ideal for team competitions, meetings, and more. It’s also good for individual discussions together. It’s going to make the meeting better than ever.”

Convenience in manual and automatic modes
This facility is available in two modes – manual and automatic. Firstly assigning people manually by individual selection and automatic by in-built system. This feature is available in all plans – no restrictions and no limits, all Videomeet users can use it.

VideoMeet is user friendly with a single click to single sign on, from personalized rooms to branding your rooms, from virtual backgrounds to setting the tone of the meeting, from recording one’s meeting to streaming and broadcasting, with just one embedded link. It takes consistency in adding business utility features to make it work. Videomeet with developers and open APIs has made the integration a turnaround and become a 360 degree collaborative solution and also secure by design infrastructure with encryption in transit and servers in India.

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