Which Free Fire character is best for ranked mode in Season 21

Which Free Fire character is best for ranked mode in Season 21

The new ranked season in Free Fire has just launched, and players will have to grind their way back to the top again. While aiming for higher tiers, players must choose the right character.

Characters will aid players on the ground and provide them with a great advantage while rank pushing.

This article will compare the abilities of Jota and Skyler, two of the better characters in Free Fire, to see which one is a superior choice for the new ranked mode Season 21.

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Assessing the abilities of Skyler and Jota in Free Fire


Skyler in Free Fire
Skyler in Free Fire

Ability: Riptide Rhythm

Skill Type: Active

When activated, the ability emits a sonic wave that breaks five gloo walls within a 50m radius. When a gloo wall is deployed, it increases the HP recovery by four points initially. There is a 60-second cooldown.

Meanwhile, at max ability, the sonic wave can cause damage to gloo walls within a 100m radius. Aside from that, the increase in HP recovery begins at nine points. At about the same time, the cooldown is reduced to 40 seconds.


Jota in Free Fire
Jota in Free Fire

Ability: Sustained Raids

Skill Type: Passive

Jota’s ability, Sustained Raids, automatically replenishes 25 HP after each kill with an SMG or a Shotgun at the default level (level 1). The cooldown time for this skill is five seconds.

Sustained Raids recover 40 HP after each kill with an SMG or a Shotgun at the highest level (level 6).

Verdict: Who is better?

Jota is a great character for aggressive players in Clash Squad mode. However, his ability is not versatile for the ranked mode. Only aggressive players who like to go for kill counts can benefit from his ability in the ranked mode.

On the other hand, Skyler has a better and more versatile ability to break the defense (gloo walls) of opponents while rushing. It also offers a healing ability by deploying gloo walls.

Skyler and Jota are both great characters for aggressive players, but as Skyler is more versatile than Jota and also helps in HP recovery, the latter will be a far better choice over Jota for Free Fire’s ranked mode in Season 21.

Disclaimer: The choice of a character is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual’s playing style.

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