Which Free Fire character is better for rank push in Season 21?

Which Free Fire character is better for rank push in Season 21?

Free Fire’s latest ranked season arrived a few days ago. All players’ ranks have been reset, giving them a clean slate as they try to climb up the ranks in the game once again.

Character choice is an important factor to consider when rank-pushing in Free Fire. In-game characters have special abilities that help players on the battleground. The right choice can go a long way in helping players overcome their opponents in a match.

This article compares the abilities of two popular Free Fire characters, Chrono and Jai, to determine which is a better option for rank-pushing in the new Season 21 ranked mode.

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Assessing the abilities of Chrono and Jai in Free Fire


Chrono in Free Fire
Chrono in Free Fire

Ability: Time Turner

Skill Type: Active

At its default level, Chrono’s ability, called Time Turner, generates a force field that prevents enemies from dealing 600 damage. The player has the ability to shoot at enemies when within the force field. The player’s movement speed will also be increased by 5%.

The effects last just three seconds and have a 200-second cooldown.

At its most powerful level, Time Turner increases the player’s movement speed by 15%. The results last eight seconds and have a 170-second cooldown.


Jai in Free Fire
Jai in Free Fire

Ability: Raging Reload

Skill Type: Passive

Jai’s ability, called Raging Reload, increases reload speed by 30 percent after the player knocks down an opponent. This reloading ability, however, is only applicable to AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG weapons.

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At the maximum level, Raging Reload increases reload speed by 45 percent.

Verdict: Who is better?

Jai is a great Free Fire character who has an amazing weapon reloading ability. However, his ability is only limited to AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG weapons.

Chrono, on the other hand, offers a defensive shield and boosts the player’s movement speed in a match. These qualities are very useful while rank-pushing in Free Fire.

Based on their abilities, Chrono is a better character to use than Jai for rank pushing Free Fire.

Disclaimer: The choice of a character is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual’s playing style.

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