8 TV Shows Off Air: These 8 TV shows could not run even for a year, some were off air in 2 months and some were locked in just 3 weeks

8 TV Shows Off Air: These 8 TV shows could not run even for a year, some were off air in 2 months and some were locked in just 3 weeks

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These 8 TV shows closed within a year.&nbsp


  • The year 2020 and 2021 were the worst phase for the TV industry along with Bollywood.
  • TV shows closed within the greats this year, the show makers got a big setback.

Corona virus has brought a cloud of crisis for Bollywood as well as the TV world. As soon as the first quarter of the year 2020 reached, the TV world along with Bollywood was also entangled in the darkness of eclipse. After the year 2020, it seemed that Corona was going to be goodbye, but the second wave of this horrific epidemic once again created a ruckus. After the loss last year, the TV industry was sitting in the hope that in the year 2021, once again the danka of the superhit TV serial would play. But after their shooting was stopped due to Corona, the condition of the makers turned sour. Due to which the producers were forced to stop the TV serial.

At the same time, some time ago TV shows used to run for years, but after being hit by Corona, now TV serials have started ending within months. In such a situation, through this article, we will look at such TV serials on which the havoc of Corona broke out fiercely and within a year these serials have been closed.

Nikki and the Magical Bubble – Closed in 3 Weeks

The TV show Nikki Aur Bubble, which aired on Dangal, did not last even a month. The makers found it difficult to shoot the show in another city, due to which the show was put on hold within 3 weeks. Actress Gulfam Khan was very disappointed about this serial. The actress had told during a conversation with Times that ‘I am very disappointed but not completely surprised’. Because after the lockdown in Mumbai, it became very difficult to shoot the show here. The actress said that we were planning to go to another city to shoot the show but it was not right to put these kids in danger.

Sargam’s Sade Sati – Closed in 2 months

The show started airing in February 2021 and went off air within two months of going on air. Anjali Tatrari, who is playing the lead role in the show, told during a conversation with Times that I was really enjoying doing this show. The atmosphere on the shoot of the show seemed to be fun and lively. But when I got to know about the end of the show, I was very disappointed. Because I did not want the show to end so soon, but due to the horrific outbreak of Corona, the makers of the show had to end this serial. The actress blamed Corona for the show going off air and fiercely expressed her anger towards it.

Durga Mata’s Shadow – Closed in 3 Months

The serial Durga Mata Ki Chhaya, which aired on Star Bharat from 14 November 2020, went off air within 3 months. The show featured Avinash Mishra, Rakshanda Khan and Chahat Pandey in the lead roles. Avinash told during a conversation with Times that it is quite sad that the show will end so soon, the makers of the show should give a little more time to the audience to engage. But let us tell you that this is a common thing on the small screen, many times when the producers of the show try to do something different, the audience does not like it.

Gupta Brothers – Closed in 4 Months

The TV show Gupta Brothers featured Parineeta Borthakur, Hiten Tejwani, Akash Tiwari, Satya Tiwari and Meet Mukhi in the lead roles. The show started airing from October 2020 and went off air by February 2021, within 4 months. During an interview, Hiten Tejwani said that after seeing the promo of the show, I suddenly came to know that the show is going to go off air. On seeing this, I immediately made a phone call to the makers of the show. The actor said that the decision to take the show off air was taken overnight.

No emphasis on love – closed in 5 months

Ishq Pe Jor Nahi show went on air on 5th March and went off air within 5 months. Param Singh, who is seen in the lead role of the show, told during an interview that we started this show in March this year and we thought that the show will be aired on TV for 8-9 months, but it was 5 months. It is going off air inside. The actor told that ‘I do not know anything about this decision of the makers why they took this decision. But we have to accept whatever decision the makers take.

Lockdown Ki Love Story – Closed in 6 Months

The serial ‘Lockdown Ki Love Story’, which aired on Star Plus and Utsav Plus, went off air after just 125 episodes. The show was broadcast from 23 January 2021 to 31 August 2021. The story of the show was very interesting. Sana Sayyed and Mohit Malik were seen in the lead roles in this TV show.

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Shaurya’s unique story – closed in 7 months

The serial Shaurya Ki Anokhi Kahani, which aired on Star Plus, featured Karanvir Sharma and Debattama in the lead roles. This serial was airing on TV from December 2020, but due to low TRP it did not last long and soon went off air. Anuj Kohli told during a conversation with Times that I expected this show to go on at least for more than a year. The actor said that it is sad that the serial went off air within 7 months.

Mubarak Shaadi – Closed in 9 months

The show became very popular in the initial days, but it went off air within 9 months. The show started airing from August 2020 but within 9 months the show went off air in April 2021. Rati Pandey was seen in the lead role in this serial with Manav Goyal.

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