Afghanistan Crisis Impact. Taliban will spoil the taste of festivals, from raisins, almonds to saffron, 20-30 percent more expensive

Afghanistan Crisis Impact. Taliban will spoil the taste of festivals, from raisins, almonds to saffron, 20-30 percent more expensive

Dry Fruits

85% of India’s requirement of dry fruits is imported from Afghanistan&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspBCCL


  • India imported dry fruits worth about Rs 2400 crore from Afghanistan in the financial year 2020-21.
  • Most of the imports from Afghanistan reach India through Iran’s Chabahar port.
  • If the situation does not improve soon, the prices of dry fruits may increase further during festivals.

New Delhi: The Taliban occupation of Afghanistan has spoiled the dry fruits market in India. Dry fruits like raisins, almonds, almond kernels, figs, saffron have become expensive due to the halt in import-export from both the countries. The prices of all things have gone up by 20-30 per cent. Not only this, if the situation does not improve soon, then the prices may increase even more during the festive season. Because about 85 percent of the country’s dry fruits are imported from Afghanistan.

What things does India import

India imports raisins, almonds, saffron, asafoetida, figs, almond kernels, pistachios, etc. from Afghanistan every year. In the year 2020-21, India imported dry fruits worth about Rs 2400 crore. On one hand in India where the festive season is near. On the other hand, a new crop is ready in Afghanistan. So India is a big market. Most of the imports from Afghanistan to India are by sea. Which reaches India via Chabahar port. But now all roads from Afghanistan are closed. Until the situation returns to normal, the confusion will remain.

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how much did the price increase

Prem Arora, former president of Delhi Kirana Committee, says, “The situation is getting worse. The supply is completely closed. If things do not return to normal in a few days, the prices will go up much higher. While Naveen Mangla Dry located in Khari Baoli, Delhi. According to the fruit, ever since the Taliban took over there. Prices have started rising. So far 15-20 per cent prices have gone up. The prices of almonds, pistachios, raisins, figs have all gone up due to stoppage of supplies from Afghanistan. Business is at a complete standstill, because it is not known who to pay who will supply. Everything is in the dark.

Pistachio 1500 1900
Almonds 700-800 900
Raisin 350 600
Fig 800 1000
saffron 30000 35000

Note- All prices are in rupees per kg

new crop will come in september

There is also concern that India is the biggest buyer of the new crop which will come in September. At this time the festive season starts coming here. If it is not supplied then there may be a shortage. However, sometimes supplies are made through other routes. In such a situation, it is also possible that other avenues may open up. But its burden will fall on the common man only.

Chabahar port will also be affected

India has built the Chabahar port in Iran mainly to facilitate business in Central Asia and reduce dependence through Pakistan. In which its biggest consumer was going to be Afghanistan. Last year, when there was a drought in Afghanistan, India had sent 75,000 tonnes of wheat to it through the same route. Apart from this, India exports items like medicines, sugar, apparel, coffee, spices, transmission towers etc. In the year 2021, about $ 835 million has been exported from India to Afghanistan.

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