Bollywood: Sunita Shirole appeals to Salman Khan for help

Bollywood: Sunita Shirole appeals to Salman Khan for help

Bollywood: Sunita Shirole appeals to Salman Khan for help


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Bajrangi Bhaijaan actress Sunita Shirole&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspTimes of India


  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan star Sunita Shirol pleads for help.
  • All the savings ended due to the corona epidemic.
  • No money left to get treatment.

Sunita Shirole’s Life was affected due to Coronavirus: The lives of many actors in the TV industry including Bollywood have been badly affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of these artists is senior actress Sunita Shirol. Recently, Sunita Shirol, expressing her pain, has requested for help. Due to the exhaustion of all savings during the coronavirus, now they have run out of money for medical bills of kidney infection and other treatments. 85-year-old Sunita Shirol has appeared in several films like Shapit, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Made in China and The Legend of Bhagat Singh. Along with Bollywood films, he has also done many TV shows.

Sunita Shirol is suffering from many diseases

Sunita Shirol told that the coronavirus pandemic has had a bad effect on her life. He is suffering from many diseases. Sunita Shirol explains that all her savings for livelihood have been exhausted during the coronavirus pandemic. During this he was also admitted to the hospital for kidney infection and knees. Not only this, she fell twice in the hospital due to which her left leg was fractured. Now they have trouble even bending over.

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Taking refuge in this actress’s house

Sunita Shirol told that she was living in a flat as a paying guest. But for 3 months she was unable to pay the rent. She is grateful to the Cine & TV Artistes Association who sent actress Nupur Alankar to help her. Actress Nupur Alankar has kept Sunita Shirol in her house as well as hired a nurse for her. Sunita Shirol shares that she wants to work because she needs money. But, the condition of his feet is getting worse day by day, due to which he is also facing difficulty in walking. She said that she needs the money till she is able to stand on her own feet.


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