BTS And Butters! Amul Seems Happiest About K-Pop’s New Single And ARMY is Going Crazy!

BTS And Butters! Amul Seems Happiest About K-Pop’s New Single And ARMY is Going Crazy!

Mumbai: Your favourite K-pop band, BTS is coming with a new track ‘Butter’ which will be released on May 21. While the title of the song is ‘Butter’, how can one forget about Amul and its cartoon in India! Also Read – BTS’ New Track ‘Butter’ Is Coming Soon And This Is How ARMY Is Waiting For It

Amul released a new creative featuring BTS with their upcoming new single and captioned it, “BeaTS other Butters! K-Pop it onto bread!” The topical was shared on social media by Amul and was captioned as, “#Amul Topical: Korean band announces single ‘Butter’!” BTS fans in India are loving this topical. They took to the comment section of the Amul’s post expressing excitement. Fans also called for Amul to collaborate with BTS. One of the fans wrote, ‘And now we want BTS singing “Amul the Taste of India”‘, while another fan commented, ‘THERI MUSIC IS ALSO UTTERLY BUTTERLY GREAT.’ Also Read – Billboard Awards Nominations: K-pop Rules Top Social Artist Category, BTS Nominated For The 5th Time

‘Butter’ will be the group’s second English song after last year’s mega-hit, ‘Dynamite.’ the South Korean band released an hour-long logo trailer video for ‘Butter’. The video shows an animated pat of butter melting for an hour. In the background of this melting butter, one can hear certain sounds including kitchen noises. The video has already received over 12 million views on YouTube. Apart from this, BTS is also using a platform called for the promotion of the song. This site offers BTS fans (also known as its ARMY) to create their own butter card. All you have to do is to fill in your name, city and country in the form. Fans are already taking to Twitter sharing their ‘butter cards’ and expressing excitement for the upcoming track.

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