BTS Army Raises Over Rs 10 Lakh To Help COVID-19 Crisis in India, Deet Inside

BTS Army Raises Over Rs 10 Lakh To Help COVID-19 Crisis in India, Deet Inside

BTS Army Raises Over Rs 10 Lakh To Help COVID-19 Crisis in India, Deet Inside

Grammy-nominated South Korean group BTS has a huge fan following and they are called ‘Army’. In a good gesture, BTS Army organised a fundraiser to help India to curb pandemic COVID-19. Bangton India, BTS Fanclub, posted a donation link on Twitter on Friday urging fans around the world and even the locals to amplify about the fundraiser so that they can spread the word and donate in whatever capacity. Also Read – Tamil Nadu Lockdown News: Stricter Restrictions Announced; Weddings & Funerals Capped, Beauty Salons Shuts | List of Curbs

Their post reads, “India is currently facing one of the worst covid outbreaks in the history of the pandemic. The second wave is far deadlier than the first and our healthcare infrastructure is under a lot of pressure. Individuals, as well as organizations, are trying to support the needs of the many affected by covid as best as they can.” Also Read – Serum Institute Defends Pricing Covishield Vaccine Higher For Private Hospitals, States | Full Statement

In less than 12 hours, BTS Army has raised whopping Rs 10 lakh and the donations have not only be made from India but from fans across the world. Also Read – BTS Updates, April 24, Saturday: Is Deepika Padukone an ARMY Member? Did BTS Raise Covid Relief Funds In India?

Through the fundraiser, the fans will help free oxygen cylinder suppliers, provide medical supplies and boost the kitchen that is providing meals to COVID-19 patients at home and homeless. The prime focus is three organisations – Anubhuti Trust – a non-profit organization/NGO formed and self-led by women, TYCIA Foundation, which is providing the most vulnerable communities with food ration packages by creating a network of ‘Enablers’ across India and Mazdoor Kitchen, that is run by a team of volounteers comprising of students, artists and people from the community itself. They are providing meals and ration kits to hundreds of people across North Delhi.

The fanclub said in a statement, “We’re currently prioritizing Maharashtra and Delhi NCR initiatives but wish to start extending our support to cities like Lucknow, Bangalore, Ranchi, and more that are badly hit, and with your help, we can.”

For the unversed, BTS, hailing from South Korea, are known for their versatile and meaningful music and stage presence.

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