Imlie Spoiler, Imlie spoiler malini and aditya coming closer will imlie leave tripathi house

Imlie Spoiler, Imlie spoiler malini and aditya coming closer will imlie leave tripathi house

Imlie Spoiler Alert

Imlie Spoiler Alert &nbsp


  • The story of Star Plus serial Tamarind has come on a new mode
  • Malini has come close to Aditya after following the path shown by her mother.
  • The distance coming between Tamarind and Aditya, what will happen next

Imlie Serial Update: The story of Star Plus serial Tamarind has entered a new mode where Malini and Aditya are getting closer. For several weeks, Tamarind and Aditya were shown getting close to each other but now Baji Malini has killed her. Earlier Malini had made up her mind to divorce her husband for the happiness of Tamarind i.e. her half-sister but now she is back in Aditya’s life. Seeing this, Tamarind will break and will make up her mind to walk away from Aditya’s life.

Till now you have seen that Malini is now following her mother’s instructions and methods. Instead of moving away from Aditya, she is now getting closer. Malini has also decided that she will take her rights from Tripathi House. On the other hand, the whole family also wants that Tamarind should be away from their life and Malini should remain as Aditya’s wife. Tamarind has already seen Malini and Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) sleeping on the same bed. Malini will now weave such a net that Tamarind will get caught in it and will get away from Aditya. When Malini goes to college, Aditya will take her on a bike.

Seeing this, Tamarind’s heart will break badly. On the other hand, Malini’s father Dev will be shattered seeing this behavior with Tamarind. He will tell Malini that you are doing wrong with tamarind. Dev will say that he will support only and only Tamarind in this fight. After this Malini will shut her father’s mouth by saying that he should not tell him what is wrong and what is right.

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And the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving the house will come to Tamarind’s mind
Suddenly seeing Aditya and Malini coming closer, the thought of going away from their life will come in Tamarind’s mind. When Tamarind goes to his room, Malini will be applying oil on Aditya’s head. After this tamarind will start going from there. Aditya will try to stop her. Now it has to be seen whether Tamarind will really leave the house and in which direction the story will go.

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