Is a Premium Airline Credit Card Really Worth It?

Airline Credit Card

Airline credit cards are extremely popular among people who enjoy traveling. However, if you’ve ever looked at a list of airline credit cards, you’ve probably noticed that there are some that are more premium and some that are more casual. A premium airline credit card may have a yearly fee that is hundreds of dollars. Is this fee really worth it? Here are four things that might determine whether a premium airline credit card is worth it for you.

Your Preferred Travel Company

Do you have a specific travel company that you prefer, or do you usually just go with any company that’s available? If you’re looking at a list of United credit card offers, but you don’t often fly with United, you’re probably not going to use your credit card as much as you would need to so you can make up for the yearly fee. Make sure you’re aligning your choice with your preferred travel company.

How Often You Travel

Obviously, premium airline credit cards are tailored mostly toward people who travel very frequently. People who don’t travel very often, only a few times per year, probably won’t get much use out of a premium airline credit card. However, this usage grows exponentially for families. If you have a family of four and you only take two trips in a year, that’s still eight tickets, which can give you plenty of benefits.

What Benefits You Regularly Use

Think about the benefits that you use right now when you fly. Do you often make in-flight purchases? Is it common for you to bring a checked bag? Do you regularly purchase travel insurance on your own? These are things that a premium airline credit card will often cover, which means you’ll be saving significantly on those things. If you already use many of these benefits, the premium credit card may definitely be worth it.

Whether You Can Qualify for the Introductory Bonus

A sign-on bonus is very common for rewards credit cards, and airline credit cards are no exception. Many premium credit cards offer even higher sign-on bonuses than non-premium cards, with the introductory offer often being more valuable than the yearly fee. However, you need to make sure that you can qualify, typically by making a certain dollar amount of purchases within the first few months. This is why many people wait to sign up for an airline credit card until they have a large purchase to make.


The fact that premium credit cards exist is proof enough that some people can benefit from them. However, not everyone will want to use a premium credit card instead of a non-premium one. If you’re starting to look at airline credit cards to save money on your flights, you’ll want to think about these four things when you’re determining whether a premium card is right for you. That way, you’ll avoid spending extra money and be able to use your credit card to save.

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