Red Dead Redemption 2: 7 Tips Even Pro Players Aren’t Aware Of

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Redemption 2 is filled with all kinds of dangers and is a massive game. It may seem like some simple western-style shooter game from the outside, but oodles of mechanics make playing it an engaging and rich experience. You can be the best outlaw if you know more about the mechanics and buy the best Red Dead Redemption 2 Hacks. 

Some things like maintaining the equipment properly, hinting with bows, petting dogs, and committing crimes while disguises can prove advantageous for you in your playthrough. Here are some straightforward and general tips if you desire to become a professional at this game. So, read on!

Have at least three outfits 

When we speak of outfits, you would want three outfits on the horse every time. You need a suitable outfit to battle the cold weather, one best for the warmer temperatures and the other for when you are committing crimes. 

Keep in mind that you would lose a lot of stamina if your character is too hot or too cold. If you desire to explore to commit numerous crimes besides exploring the best areas, then you will have to keep a stock of the three outfits. That is because you will need them sooner than later. 

Be honorable 

In the game of Red Dead Redemption, you are an outlaw. You will commit numerous crimes, but that does not mean you will lack your honor. The system of Honor will dictate your reputation among villages. Therefore, you can harm or benefit depending on where you stay.

You can obtain Honor by helping strangers during unplanned encounters. With high Honor, you will be able to enjoy discounts at shops and also unlock outfits. The only places you can consider lowering your honor should be to enhance the Deadeye tonic drop rate, alcohol, tobacco, and flung weapons from the dead bodies.

Grab first, review later 

After the smoke from the gun clears and the bodies begin to cool on the ground, you may be unaware, but you are already on the clock. Your squadmates will start going through and stripping the bodies of loot which could mean losing out on valuable items or much-needed cash. 

Hunt with the bows 

Whether hunting for a legendary creature, a perfect pelt, selling meat to a butcher, or food for dinner, always track with the bows; of course, you can pursue with a gun too, but it often decreases the meat’s value and can attract unwelcome attention. When you finish off an animal with a bow, the pelts and the meat are much more valuable. 

That means you will have more money in your pocket. It will also save you from using the ammo which you may need for an impending gunfight. It may take a while, but we say start practicing with a bow to get the best kills. 

Keep the horse groomed.

In this game, the horse is your best friend. Thus, it would help if you groomed it well. Your horse will have better stamina when it is cleaned well. Remember that this well-groomed, well-kept horse will help you escape from dangerous situations and help you commit crimes.  Free the dirt and grime off your horse’s body by brushing it frequently. 

While you must immediately get a horse brush, you can also save time by running or walking your horse through a rainstorm. It is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to clean them. But, keep in mind that you will need the brush when you tour through arid climates as water will not be readily available.

Keep the guns clean 

Apart from the horse, it would be best if you also cleaned the guns. If your weapon is too wet and covered in grime, it will misfire besides having other issues until it becomes completely useless. If you want your guns to function well, clean them with oil. Save reinforced holsters for times when you may run low on funds. This stuff will protect your weapons from various elements and save a lot of your money and time.

Caress the Dogs

No matter how many dogs you come across, pet them. Dogs in this game will bark at you, and that can be problematic when you use stealth to avoid attention or commit a crime. Fondling the dog will establish camaraderie, and they will not be alarmed when you are near them.   


As we said, retaining your honor is of prime importance in this game, so is helping others whenever possible. Whether it is aiding someone with a fatal injury, reclaiming a weapon, or locating lost items, helping out should be in your best interest. A few bits of help can reward you will access to lump sums of cash, better things, and new tonics. Thus, to increase your honor, help someone in need because that will pay you in the long run.