Nusrat Jahan’s First Baby Bump Photo is Here, Confirms Pregnancy

Nusrat Jahan’s First Baby Bump Photo is Here, Confirms Pregnancy

Nusrat Jahan’s First Baby Bump Photo is Here, Confirms Pregnancy

Nusrat Jahan’s First Baby Bump Photo: Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Nusrat Jahan and actor Nusrat Jahan has been making headlines these days for all the wrong reasons. Nusrat and Nikhil, who got married in 2019, have parted ways and every day there is a new development in this controversy. It all started when Nusrat Jahan mentioned that her marriage with Nikhil Jain is not valid in India. A few days ago, a close aide of Nusrat Jahan confirmed that the Trinamool Congress leader is pregnant and is now preparing for motherhood. Nusrat Jahan is few months pregnant and is busy taking care of herself and the baby. Also Read – Nikhil Jain Reveals Nusrat Jahan Was Asked to Register Marriage But She Avoided in a Long Statement – Read Here

Now, Zee News has got its hands on an exclusive picture of pregnant Nusrat Jahan, flaunting her baby bump. She can be seen posing with Bengali actor Srabanti Chatterjee and other friends. Also Read – Nusrat Jahan Deletes Photos With Husband Nikhil Jain After She Alleges ‘Invalid Marriage’

Check Nusrat Jahan's Baby Bump Viral Photo by Zee News

Check Nusrat Jahan’s Baby Bump Viral Photo by Zee News

After reports of Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain’s separation had gone viral, she deleted all her photos with Nikhil, even their wedding pics. She further alleged that her belongings, like family jewelry and other assets, have been ‘illegally held back’. Nusrat also alleged that her ‘funds were mishandled’ from various accounts without her knowledge. Also Read – Nusrat Jahan Alleges Her Marriage With Nikhil Jain is ‘Invalid’ In India, Her Assets Are ‘Illegally Held Back’ | Read Full Statement

After reacting to Nusrat’s claims, Nikhil also shared a long statement where he mentioned that always avoided the registration of their marriage in India.  Talking about the belongings, Nikhil mentioned in his statement that they were also sent to her shortly after her shift.

Here is Nikhil Jain’s complete statement:

  1. Out of love, I proposed to marry Nusrat which she gladly accepted and we went for a destination marriage at Bodrum, Turkey in June 2019 followed by a reception at Kolkata.
  2. We lived together as husband and wife and introduced ourselves as a married couple in the society. I devoted all my time and resources being a faithful and responsible husband. Friends, family and people close to us know everything what I did for her. My unconditional support for her is unchallenged. However, within a very short period she changed her attitude towards married life with me.
  3. Since August 2020 during the shooting of a film, my wife’s behaviour started changing towards me, for reasons best known to her.
  4. During our stay together I requested her on number of occasions to get the marriage registered but she avoided my requests.
  5. On Nov 5, 2020 she left my flat with bag and baggage along with her personal valuables, papers and documents and shifted to her Ballygunge flat and thereafter we never stayed together being husband-and-wife. The rest of her personal belongings along with the documents (IT returns etc) were also sent to her shortly after her shifting.
  6. I got disheartened by going through various media reports regarding her outings and felt cheated. Ultimately on March 8, 20211 was compelled to file a Civil Suit against her in Alipore Judges’ Court for annulment of our marriage.
  7. Since the matter is pending before a court of law, I refrained from giving any statement about our personal life and even today I am unable to disclose about the discord in details. But her recent statements compelled me to disclose some facts.
  8. After marriage, to get her released from the heavy interest burden of a home loan, I had the same liquidated by transferring money from my family accounts to her account, on understanding that she would return the same shortly by installments and as and when the funds are available. Any money-transfer made by her from her account to my family account was repayments of the loan which I gave in good faith. Considerable amount is still due to be paid. The allegations made by her are all baseless and derogatory and devoid of truth. One need not find or create proof, the proof is always there, my bank statements and credit card statements are proof enough. My family has only given with both arms to her in the capacity of a daughter, not knowing, we would see this day.
  9. In the circumstances I would request the media to refrain from any type of comments considering the problem regarding personal life and sub judice matter. Nikhil Jain. June 10, 2021.”

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