OMG: Man put liquor in the car tank instead of petrol

OMG: Man put liquor in the car tank instead of petrol

OMG: Man put liquor in the car tank instead of petrol


Man put liquor in the bike tank instead of petrol then what happened watch funny video

Instead of petrol, put liquor in the car&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspInstagram


  • Man used ‘liquor’ instead of petrol
  • shadow video on social media
  • Your laugh will not stop watching the video

Social media has become such a medium for people in today’s time, where users want to become famous by sharing their things. Some people get success in this, while some become a joke. Not only this, the fate of some people changed overnight through social media. But, a video has been shared, after watching which you will definitely say, ‘Bhai mauj kara di’.

We all know that everyone wants to do something different, so that he has a name, he has his own identity. Sometimes people even put their lives on the line for this. At the same time, some people even do very strange things. In this video also a person has done something similar. After seeing which you will say that this brother has crossed the limit. Till today you must have seen people getting petrol in the bike, but one person did wonders. He put ‘liquor’ in the tank instead of petrol. Maybe you do not believe this and you must be thinking that can anyone really do this? So to clear your ‘Misconception’ you must watch this video first…

will make the day video

After watching the video, you must have definitely got into thinking and different types of questions will be arising in your mind. The same thing happened to anyone who saw this video. Now this video has become a topic of discussion among the people and users are also chatting fiercely on it. This video has been shared on Instagram with the name ‘ghantaa’. This video has got more than 22 thousand likes and also got a lot of views. Not only this, people are also commenting very funny and funny on the video. One user wrote while enjoying, ‘It is good to have intoxicated with alcohol, if he loved, he would have broken’. Another user wrote, ‘Main chali chali mujhe chhuna na koi’. One wrote, ‘How wonderful people are’. Tell me what is your opinion on this video by commenting.

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