Suresh Raina on MS Dhoni: suresh raina reveals unheard stories with ms dhoni on cricket ground

Suresh Raina on MS Dhoni: suresh raina reveals unheard stories with ms dhoni on cricket ground

ms dhoni and suresh raina

MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina&nbsp


  • Suresh Raina reveals funny anecdotes related to MS Dhoni
  • Raina told that even when both were in different IPL teams, they had a lot of fun
  • Raina told that he learned a lot from MS Dhoni

New Delhi: Suresh Raina, the former batsman of the Indian cricket team, has recently revealed many unheard conversations related to former captain MS Dhoni. Raina and Dhoni retired from international cricket last year, but both continued to play for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL. The friendship of these two became very good along with the illustrious career.

Suresh Raina first recalled the incident when CSK were banned from IPL for two years-2016 and 17. Suresh Raina was then associated with Gujarat Lions while MS Dhoni was bought by Rising Pune Supergiant. The all-rounder said that he had mixed feelings on playing in the IPL against former teammates.

When Dhoni and Raina had fun on the field

Suresh Raina reveals the fun he had with MS Dhoni on the field. When Raina came to bat for Gujara Lions, Dhoni said from behind the wicket, ‘Come on, come captain sir, come’. While interacting with Gaurav Kapoor on The 22 Yarns podcast, Raina revealed, “Yes, there was a mixed feeling then. I remember we were playing in Rajkot. Ashwin was bowling. McCullum was on the non-striker’s end. I was batting. Dhoni bhai was keeping. Faf du Plessis was at first slip. I thought we were playing in the Kanga League being held in my neighbourhood.

He said, ‘When I went to bat, Dhoni bhai said, ‘Come on, come captain sahab.’ Then I replied, ‘You are coming brother, just be a little behind.’ It was all for fun. Apart from this, Suresh Raina shared another funny anecdote when the Indian team went to play a two-match series against Ireland in 2018. Raina told that when MS Dhoni came to the field with drinks, how he enjoyed the former captain and Dhoni said – ‘Very bada wala hai tu’.

‘Mahi Bhai brought the kit bag in the field’

Suresh Raina said, “We went to Ireland in 2018 and were enjoying our time after the match. Dhoni bhai had brought me drinks there. For a moment he felt that I was ordering many gloves and bats inside the field, so brought the entire kit bag on the ground and said – whatever you want to take, take it now and do not call me again. I think at that time I was batting with Rahul.

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Raina further said, ‘Dhoni Bhai said – I am not going to come back. It is very cold here. I said even then – do one thing brother, bring the grip of a bat too. Then Dhoni Bhai replied, ‘Very bada wala hai tu. You stop, drink water, I will come with you.’ So he’s been joking like this. I thought to myself that that day I had completed my revenge.’

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