taliban in Afghanistan, Taliban took control of Afghanistan in this way in 4 months, understand here how the situation has changed

taliban in Afghanistan, Taliban took control of Afghanistan in this way in 4 months, understand here how the situation has changed


Taliban capture in Afghanistan&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP


  • Taliban enters Kabul, awaits ‘peaceful transfer’ of power
  • The Taliban intensified their attack and captured large parts of the country.
  • Afghan security forces hand over Bagram air base to Taliban

Afghanistan has almost been captured by the Taliban. What US troops left Afghanistan, Taliban have reached Kabul in 4 months. Taliban are present all around Kabul. Meanwhile, Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal has said that Taliban fighters will not attack Kabul and enter Kabul and there will be a peaceful transfer of power. Almost the same thing was said in the statement from the Taliban side as well. Before this, Taliban fighters have captured almost all cities except Kabul.

The Taliban have reached every gate of Kabul, capturing 267 districts one by one. The capital of Afghanistan is surrounded from all sides. But the question is whether blood will flow to capture Kabul or can there be any other way out. This question is also because the Taliban has issued a statement saying that peaceful change has been done. He has asked the fighters to stay at the gate of Kabul. There is a different kind of restlessness inside Kabul. There are army vehicles on the roads. There is a shadow of fear and panic in the city. People are running to save their lives. But there are some who do not have the option of running away.

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After the American troops left Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken control of the country very rapidly. On Saturday night, Mazar-e-Sharif, on Sunday morning, he hoisted the flag of terror on Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar. This is the area of ​​Afghanistan, which is connected to Pakistan by road.

Taliban captured like this

Now, from the date and month of events, let us tell how the Taliban came as soon as the US left Afghanistan. In April, US President Joe Biden announced that American troops would return. In May, the Taliban attacked Helmand province. In June, 50 out of 370 were captured by the Taliban. By 21 July, the Taliban had captured half of the districts. On 6th August he captured Zaranj, the capital of Nimruj province. On 13 August, the capital of 4 provinces including Kandahar was captured. The Taliban captured Mazar-e-Sharif on 14 August. Captured Jalalabad on 15th August and besieged Kabul. Taliban has spread all over Afghanistan. It seems as if he is preparing to go to America and he should re-establish his rule over Afghanistan. At the same time, the Taliban has captured alive Nizamuddin Qaiser of the Afghan army.

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America is evacuating its citizens

Meanwhile, America is trying to get its people out as soon as possible. Chinook helicopters were seen flying near the American Embassy since Sunday morning. America has sent its 5000 soldiers so that in the end the remaining 50 people can be evacuated. America and its army have left Afghanistan. Rescuing its citizens, but has left the Afghans on their own. Britain is doing the same work that America is doing. He too has evacuated his civilians by sending 600 soldiers.

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