Taliban in Cricket HQ: Taliban entered Afghanistan Cricket Board office with AK-47, along with former players

Taliban in Cricket HQ: Taliban entered Afghanistan Cricket Board office with AK-47, along with former players

Talibani at ACB HQ

Taliban in Afghanistan Cricket Board’s office &nbsp


  • Cricket has given Afghanistan a name other than terrorism
  • Questions are being raised about the future of cricket after Taliban capture Afghanistan
  • It is believed that the Taliban do like cricket, it will not affect the game

Kabul: A few days after America left Afghanistan, the Taliban once again took control of the entire country. Since the capture of the capital Kabul by the Taliban, there has been an atmosphere of panic in the whole country. People are trying to leave the country.

The situation in Afghanistan is going from bad to worse after the occupation of the Taliban. In such a situation, playing an important role in bringing the youth of Afghanistan on the path of peace at one stage and the cricket that tasted success to Afghanistan at the global level has also been affected.

The success story written by Afghan cricket in the last 20 years is an example for everyone. But after the arrival of Afghanistan in the possession of Taliban, once again questions have been raised about the golden future of Afghan cricket. The ICC is also closely monitoring the changes taking place in Afghanistan.

In such a situation, on Thursday, there was news of Taliban reaching the Afghanistan Cricket Board’s office in Kabul. During this, he was accompanied by former Afghanistan player Abdullah Mazari.

Taliban reached the office of the Afghan Cricket Board
A picture of Talibani who reached the office of Afghanistan Cricket Board is also becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this picture, armed Taliban fighters are seen sitting in the conference hall of the ACB. These pictures are going viral after the CEO of Afghanistan Cricket Board Hamid Shenwari assured that the political change in Afghanistan will not affect cricket.

Shenwari had claimed that all the players of the Afghanistan national cricket team and their families were safe. The Taliban love cricket and they have been helping us since the beginning. They will not interfere in our activities.

CEO hopes not to interfere in cricket
Shenwari issued these statements after former President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Sunday. He had said, I don’t think there will be any interference in cricket. We hope that will help us in taking cricket forward. We have an active chairman. I am the CEO till further notice.

Afghanistan players Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi will be seen attending the next part of IPL 2021 in UAE next month. After this, Afghanistan has to participate in the T20 World Cup 2021 to be held in the UAE itself. Rashid and Nabi are in England these days and are participating in The Hundred tournament.

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