These Bollywood celebs are the owners of luxury Audi cars, who has how many expensive rides?

These Bollywood celebs are the owners of luxury Audi cars, who has how many expensive rides?

Audi Cars of Bollywood Stars

Audi Cars of Bollywood Stars&nbsp


  • Bollywood stars are often seen riding luxurious cars
  • Audi brand cars are the first choice for many celebs
  • Take a look at Bollywood celebs who own expensive Audi models.

Mumbai: In the life of film celebs, everything is luxurious and worth watching. Be it their airport looks, phone, home, vacation pics, their personal life or their collection of cars and bikes, fans are always curious to know more and more about Bollywood celebs and thanks to social media, fans’ wishes are also fulfilled. Because almost every news about celebs becomes viral on the web.

Especially when it comes to cars, there are many luxury and expensive models in the garage of Bollywood celebs. From vintage to new model cars, Bollywood stars have high-end cars under their names. There is a particular brand of cars in which celebs are often seen and that company is Audi.

Often, Bollywood celebs are clicked in different models of Audi cars. These cars are luxurious as well as very expensive. Recently, filmmaker Karan Johar has bought an Audi A8 L, which is reportedly worth over Rs 1.5 crores! If you think that he is the only Bollywood celeb to spend so much on an Audi car, then it is not so, let’s take a look at the Audi cars of other stars.

Luxury and very expensive Audi cars of Bollywood celebs:

Ranbir Kapoor:

Ranveer Kapoor Audi Car

Ranbir is one of those Bollywood actors who have a luxurious Audi car. The actor owns not just one but two Audi cars and their model names are Audi R8 and Audi A8 L. The red color Audi R8 is priced at Rs 2.72 Crore.

Alia Bhatt:

Alia Bhatt Audi car

Last 6 years ago in 2015, actress Alia Bhatt bought her first Audi and this model was Audi A6. This was Alia’s first car and its price was more than Rs 45 lakhs.

Salman Khan:

Salman Khan expensive Audi car

In 2014, Salman brought home the Audi RS7. The 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine powers this car and generates 555bhp and 700Nm of torque. At that time, Salman had paid a price of Rs 1.28 crore to buy this car. Salman also owns an Audi A8 L, which was priced at Rs 1.79 crore and he also owns an Audi Q7.

Karan Johar:

Karan Johar Audi expensive audi car

Recently, filmmaker Karan Johar has bought Audi A8 L. The car is actually priced at Rs 1.56 crore, which is its ex-showroom price. It runs on a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine. This news has been shared on the official social media handle of Audi India.

Shahrukh Khan:
Shahrukh Khan owns an Audi A6, which costs more than Rs 45 lakh. Powered by a 4.4-litre V8 engine, the 6-series convertible can top a top speed of 250 km/h.

John abraham:

John Abraham audi car

Take a look at Bollywood celebs and their expensive Audi cars:

Deepika Padukone: A8L (Price – Rs 1.18 cr)

Shraddha Kapoor: Audi Q7 (Starts at Rs.69.27 Lakh and goes up to Rs.81.18 Lakh)

Katrina Kaif: Audi Q7 (Rs 80 lakh) and Audi Q5 (Rs 55 lakh)

Saif Ali Khan: Audi R8 Spyder (approx Rs 2.72 cr)

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