Thor: Love And Thunder – Five Things That Didn’t Work Out


Thor: Love and Thunder is an American superhero film based on Marvel Comics, directed by Taika Waititi, produced by Marvel Studios, and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Thor: Love and Thunder features hot shot stars like Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, and Russell Crowe.

Thor: love and Thunder is a sequel to Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Endgame. This Thor movie concentrates on the inner peace of the lead character rather than the thrilling action scenes. However, the hero’s journey towards complete calmness can not be achieved so easily. An intergalactic killer named Gorr the God Butcher enters the scene to disrupt Thor’s inner peace. On the verge of facing an inevitable attack, Thor seeks help from his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, King Valkyrie, and Korg.

Thor: love and thunder offers and heavily stylized cinematic experience to its viewers. However, amid the heavy ornamentation, Thor has also lost its previous charm, as seen in Thor: Ragnarok. The movie also couldn’t profit much at the Box Office in comparison to its previous movies.

Five Things That Took This Thor Movie Downhill 

There are some factors believed to have caused Thor: Love and Thunder to go down from the limelight of its previously earned fame. This Thor movie has gained a 6.5 rating according to its IMDb score, and Rotten Tomatoes has given it only a 64% rating which is quite low in comparison. You can get the link from The Pirate Bay website to download Thor: Love and Thunder for free and decide for yourself.

The Villain in Thor: Love and Thunder 

Christian Bale might be a good character selection for superhero movies. His character as Bruce Wayne in Batman has been phenomenal.

Undoubtedly, Bale working alongside Heath Ledger, has provided us with the best superhero-villain duo. But Bale’s character as Gorr The God Butcher didn’t work so well.

Director didn’t provide enough space for Bale to brush up his acting skills. His character, as Gorr said, is the most obnoxious kind of thing.

Most of the time, Gorr didn’t even talk senses. It was like Gorr was given his screen time only to remind the viewers that the Gods aren’t as good as they are supposed to be.

His dialogues were repetitive, taking away the charismatic charm that Bale always possessed on his viewers.

Bale’s character didn’t add empathy to the narrative rather, it was only portrayed as a vengeful lunatic monster man with a pale face. Gorr was only present in the scene to remind you of a villain that the hero is supposed to fight off like any average movie with no thoughtful tactics.

Jane Foster 

Jane Foster’s character was introduced into the scene, but the purpose for it was missing throughout the movie. Jane Foster, who served as Thor’s love interest in its previous part, seemed like an aberration when introduced in Love and Thunder.

The character played by Natalie Portman was not present in the comic book but in MCU’s movie. Natalie Portman displayed an empathetic character as Jane Foster. Natalie Portman created a memorable character. However, her introduction to this part of Thor was not apt to make the character memorable.

Zeus ft. Russell Crowe

Zeus has always been our most beloved God since the age of Herculis. Zeus is is the god of thunder and sky and the epitome of power according to Greek mythology. Zeus has been the king of all gods of Mount Olympus.

However, Thor: Love and Thunder couldn’t do justice to the character Zeus. Even though Russell Crowe has proved time and again that he is the greatest actor of all time, in the movie, he was not compatible with the assigned character.

Both Zeus and Hercules, played by Brett Goldstein, have failed to convince the audience that they are actually Greek gods. Viewers were rather disappointed by the representation of the actors.

The Asgardians of the Galaxy

The director’s reasons for creating Asgardians of the Galaxy are not credible. It seems like the director forcefully incorporated the idea of this superhero team into this Thor movie. However, Asgardians of the Galaxy first appeared in Marvel Comics in September 2018.

The superhero team was introduced in Thor: love and thunder for a very brief moment it was not possible for viewers to observe any action from them.

Jane’s Transformation as Thor

Jane’s transformation into Thor was short-lived. While viewers were excited to see her becoming Thor, the director did injustice to her character in many ways. As discussed previously, Jane’s introduction into this Thor movie was redundant.

However, viewers were dissatisfied with Jane’s transformation as it was not detailed. The audience couldn’t grasp how Mjolnir fixed itself to be grabbed by Jane in the movie.

In conclusion, Thor: Love and Thunder failed to build its character to its perfection despite having stunning visuals. However,