Water Retention: What is Water Retention? Know its symptoms and home remedies

Water Retention: What is Water Retention? Know its symptoms and home remedies

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Water retention&nbsp


  • Water retention can bother anyone
  • Water gets stored in our body due to hormonal changes in our body, too much salt in the diet, or too much sitting etc.
  • Small changes in life can relieve you from water retention

New Delhi: Do you feel that your weight keeps on fluctuating every day, then it may be that you are struggling with the problem of water retention. There is no need to panic, but by following these simple steps, you can get rid of it.

If there is a problem of swelling in the face, hands, feet as well as if there is a complaint of pain in the feet, do not ignore it, but take it seriously. In fact, you may have such a problem due to water retention. The solution to your problem is hidden in these home remedies, which you can get rid of by adopting it.

What are the symptoms of water retention?

  1. swollen feet
  2. swollen ankles
  3. stretched red skin
  4. slightly swollen fingers and hands
  5. ring finger feeling harder than usual
  6. sudden and unexpected weight gain

limited use of salt

The easiest way is to reduce the amount of salt in your life. If there is less salt in the food, then do not eat salt from above. Do not eat more than 2,300 mg of salt in a day.

Avoid outside food and ready to eat products

If you are addicted to outside food then it can increase your problem even more. If you want to stay away from the problem of water retention, then avoid ready-to-it products. They may have high salt content which can enhance your taste but will spoil your health.

contact doctor

If you are having more trouble then you should contact your doctor soon. The doctor will remove the water from the body by giving you a water pill. But you should not do this work by yourself at all.

drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Actually drinking more water can actually help prevent water retention.

avoid sitting too long

Sitting in the same posture for a long time also causes swelling in the body. Try not to sit for a long time. Stretch the body for a while, move around.

raise legs

Usually, there is a problem of swelling in the feet due to sitting with the legs hanging down. To remove the water accumulated in the feet, you lie straight on the ground and raise the legs upwards. This will give you relief. Sleeping with two pillows under the feet while sleeping at night will also benefit.

don’t be a doctor yourself

Usually in our country many people start doing the work of doctor by themselves. No one has a cold that everyone starts prescribing medicine from their side. Don’t do that in this case. Do not do it yourself or anyone else but contact the doctor. Water retention is not a big problem, but with a little care, you can get rid of water filled body and swelling.

(Disclaimer: The tips and advice suggested in the presented article are for general information only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Consult your doctor before starting any kind of fitness program or making any changes to your diet.)

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