Why Do People In The UK Play The Lottery? You May Be Surprised!


Have you ever wondered why people in the UK play the lottery? You may think the reason is they want to hit the jackpot and be very rich very fast. Of course, that is true for some. But there are many reasons why folks enjoy the lottery. Many adults who place their bets play the lottery online at Lottoland. This is a convenient  way to play. In total, 70% of people in the UK who are over 18 play the lottery in some manner. That is nearly 45 million people! About half of those people play more than once per month. Let’s examine why so many people are into this sporting event.

People who play

According to High50.com, people in the United Kingdom are hopeful and optimistic. They enjoy thinking of the good they could do with a massive win. The world may be filled with challenges, and things can look pretty gloomy sometimes, but imagine what a few million can do. What if you suddenly no longer had to work for a company that does not appreciate your efforts or reward you properly? Imagine if your home was paid for and secure, and the future generations of your family were born with the financial means to go to college. No one should ever play the lottery, thinking it is a sure way to handle financial problems. There are never any guarantees. But, risking a bit of money you will never miss is a different matter. Is taking the chance worth passing up a cup of coffee? Sure it is.

Communities are always in need of something. We expect the government to provide adequately, but we all know it is impossible. Some people who play the lottery want to give to the community. They want to donate money so illnesses can be cured and hospitals, schools, and libraries can be built. They want to invest in the future so their community can keep up with technology. Some lotteries donate to charity and some people reason, there is no harm. 

A Clearer Mind

Some reports say that people who play the lottery do so because of the effect it has on them mentally. When you step outside your box, and place a wager on a lottery.You know, the chances are slim that you will win the huge jackpot. But you allow your mind to go there. You are exercising your creativity. In your day to day life, you are absorbed in things that you do repeatedly. For the most part, you are doing things that are within your control. Stepping outside of that zone for a moment to play a lottery that you have no control over the outcome, in a way presses your reset button. It is like taking a deep breath and looking away for a bit. This gives you a pleasurable experience. It renews your child-like sense of hope and wonder. 

It’s a habit

For some of us, playing the lottery is something our parents did, our grandparents did, and our children will probably do one day. It is almost a family ritual. At some point and time, someone said, “How else can I risk such a small amount and gain so much?” So they indulged in the fantasy of becoming an overnight millionaire. They had fun. Lottery day was a day of laughter and maybe a bit of good-natured teasing. It becomes a game among friends and family. Who will guess the lucky numbers? Who will win any prize at all? Winning a lesser prize is still a win. It builds excitement. Everybody wants to have a bit of fun. 

It’s a rush

Week after week, we watch the jackpot grow. It is already more money, than we can imagine, but as the number gets larger, and larger, we become fascinated with how high it can grow. The excitement grows and everybody is talking about it. Soon, we give in to that rush and place our bet. It is the rush of knowing that someone will win and it just might be you. 


Playing the lottery has been an international favorite for decades. There are plenty of reasons to play. Some make sense to us and some are just for fun. Whatever reason we have, it is worth the small investment. You may not walk away with pockets full of cash, but you will walk away better for having played. You will enjoy yourself and take a break from your reality of the moment. It is a much needed break in our society. Some of us are forever optimistic. Some of us just believe, if we play long enough, sooner or later our day will come. Since you can play online from anywhere using your smart devices, all you are taking is pocket money and a few minutes of your time. 

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