5 TV Show Upcoming Spoilers Update: Missing Kisi Se Pyaar Mein Pakhi Pakhi’s big conspiracy, Kavya will not give up on Anupama and will leave Aditya, TV show Spoilers News Anupama ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin And Imlie TV Twist

5 TV Show Upcoming Spoilers Update: Missing Kisi Se Pyaar Mein Pakhi Pakhi’s big conspiracy, Kavya will not give up on Anupama and will leave Aditya, TV show Spoilers News Anupama ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin And Imlie TV Twist

TV show Spoilers Update upcoming Anupama ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin And Imlie TV Serial Big Twist

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  • Kavya will not give up in Anupama
  • Why did Tamarind decide to leave Aditya?
  • Have a look at the upcoming twist in the story of 5 TV shows.

Pakhi is making a new plan against Virat-Sai
The growing closeness of Virat and Sai is being seen in the TV serial Gum Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar. Sai is trying to get closer to the family. She wants to invite Virat and his entire family to watch her college dance performance. Sai has made a full proof plan for this. So that he can win the heart of Virat and the rest of the family. In such a situation, when Virat and Sai see Pakhi’s dance, she will get distracted. Pakhi will feel very insecure seeing their closeness and romance. But Pakhi is still not ready to see Virat and Sai getting closer to each other. She does not want both of them to express their love. So now Pakhi is about to make her new plan and also decides to execute it well. Virat and Sai get much appreciation and appreciation in college for their dance performances. As soon as she returns home, Pakhi is ready with her new drama and an evil plan against Sai. How terrible will this new plan of Pakhi be for Sai and will Virat support Sai this time? Stay connected with the serial to know this.

Kavya will not give up
A lot of mother-in-law drama is going on in Anupama too. As Anupama apologizes to Kinjal and Rakhi warns the Shah family not to ill-treat her daughter Kinjal. Ba, on the other hand, apologizes to Anupama as everything happened because of her and tells her that she will be careful next time. Anupama is hurt by Rakhi’s words and she, feeling helpless, plans to leave the Shah family home. In the upcoming episode, Kavya will instigate Kijal against Anupama and tell her that no one cares for her. After this both of them party and come home late having dinner. When asked by the Shah family why she came late? Kinjal replies. Now Vanraj and Anupama will openly warn Kavya to stay within her limits and not break the family. Otherwise it will not be good for Kavya. Kavya decides that she will not give up and will make Anupama’s life hell. Now it will be interesting to see how Anupama saves the family from breaking up.

Tamarind decides to leave Aditya
In the upcoming episode of Star Plus show Imli, Tamarind will be seen taking a drastic step. A big fight ensues between Anu and Tamarind when Anu insults Mithi. Tamarind takes a tough stand to reveal Satyakam and her marital relationship to Mithi. Anu is shocked to learn that Mithi lied to Tamarind about her real father. Thus there will be a lot of drama in Tamarind. Anu eventually tells Tamarind that Dev is her real father. When Anu accuses her and her mother of ruining Malini and her life, Tamarind will tremble. Tamarind feels guilty thinking that she is doing wrong to Malini because after Dev and Mithi’s mistake, she cannot ruin Malini’s life. Eventually, Imli herself takes a shocking decision feeling guilty and regretful. is. Tamarind decides to leave Aditya and decides not to ruin Malini’s married life. However, Aditya is in love with Tamarind and cannot live without Tamarind. Now how Aditya will convince Imli not to leave him will be worth watching in the story.

Seerat will remove Karthik from her life
Rajan Shahi’s show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has seen the drama of Ranveer (Karan Kundra) fainting when Seerat (Shivangi Joshi) was about to confess his feelings. Seerat actually felt that Ranveer fainted after hearing what he had to say about his feelings for Kartik (Mohsin Khan). But Seerat was relieved when she came to know that Ranveer had not listened to her. With Ranveer falling madly in love with Seerat and falling ill, now Seerat will make a big decision to stay with Ranveer. For this he has taken a big step of asking Kartik to go away from his life. He has severed all ties with her and does not want her to interfere in his life. Now in the coming episodes, Kartik will be unaware as to why Seerat had to take this decision. He would feel that whatever Chauhan said, he spoke to her. However, Kartik has to wonder why Seerat had to agree to do so. Kartik will also miss Seerat now and will get lost in the moments spent with her.

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The sad past will come in front of the story
The popular show Namak Ishka Ka has been entertaining people with its exciting and interesting content. As seen so far, Roopa and Yug request the story to forgive their father. She tries to mend her relationship with her father Ravi and cooks her favorite food. Later, Ravi becomes happy and announces to give a part of his business as a gift to Kahaani. However, he misunderstands her and gets angry. The story rejects his gift and becomes emotional. She feels that her father is trying to buy her happiness with her money. Yug tries to calm down the story. Now in the coming episodes, the story learns that Iravati has some evil intentions. She looks for a lawyer’s picture and asks Ravi about it. However, he refused to share the information. Meanwhile, the lawyer comes home and tells the story about the tragic past. He learns that a dancer named Iravati had destroyed his family. He had planned the accident of Ravi, his mother and his sister and ruined their happy family. Will the story now confront Iravati after knowing this truth?

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