bank holiday | Bank Holidays In July 2021 : Banks will remain closed for 15 days, watch full list, Bakrid, Id-Ul-Zuha

bank holiday | Bank Holidays In July 2021 : Banks will remain closed for 15 days, watch full list, Bakrid, Id-Ul-Zuha

Bank Holidays In July 2021

List of holidays in banks for the month of July 2021&nbsp


  • Banks are closed across the country on National Holiday.
  • State holidays vary.
  • Banks are also closed according to the holidays of different states.

Every year in the month of July many festivals are celebrated across the country. Because of which there are many holidays in this month. Banks in India will remain closed for a total of 15 days for the entire month of July this year. Reserve Bank of India has released the official holiday calendar, which includes 9 holidays due to different festivals in several states. Apart from this, 6 days include Second Saturday, Fourth Saturday and Sunday.

According to RBI guidelines, except on weekends, all banks in the country including government banks, private banks, foreign banks, co-operative banks and regional banks will remain closed for the entire month of July 2021 due to various festivals on the days mentioned below.

Bank Holidays In July 2021, See Full List Below

  1. 04 July 2021 – Sunday

  2. 10 July 2021 – Second Saturday

  3. 11 July 2021- Sunday

  4. 12 July 2021 – Kang (Rathjatra) / Rath Yatra

  5. 13 July 2021 – Bhanu Jayanti in Sikkim, Martyrs’ Day in Jammu and Kashmir

  6. 14 July 2021- Drukpa Tshechi (Gangtok)

  7. 16 July 2021 – Harela Puja in Uttarakhand

  8. 17 July 2021 – U Tirot Singh Day / Kharchi Puja

  9. 18 July 2021- Sunday

  10. 19 July 2021 – Guru Rimpoche’s Thungkar Tshechu, Sikkim

  11. 20 July 2021 – Bakrid

  12. 21 July 2021 – Bakrid (Eid-ul-Zuha) (Eid-ul-Adha)

  13. 24 July 2021 – Fourth Saturday

  14. 25 July 2021- Sunday

  15. 31 July 2021 – Ker Puja in Tripura

The holidays on the mentioned days will be observed in different regions as per the holidays declared by the state, however, banks will remain closed across the country during gazetted holidays. If you keep track of these holidays, you will be able to plan bank transaction activities in a better way. You can also plan your holidays well for long weekends.

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