Former England legend wants these changes in IPL on the lines of ‘The Hundred’

Former England legend wants these changes in IPL on the lines of ‘The Hundred’

David Gower

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  • The duration of IPL matches has become a source of criticism
  • Gavar wants special rules for slow over rate made in IPL like The Hundred
  • The rule of the Hundred can also be successful in IPL, there is a provision for fielding restriction

New Delhi: Recently, the new format of cricket tournament ‘The Hundred’ has concluded in England. In such a situation, now everyone’s eyes have turned towards the second leg of IPL 2021, which is going to be held in UAE. Which was left incomplete in April-May due to Corona crisis. In such a situation, a former England batsman David Gower has advocated the implementation of a rule on the lines of The Hundred in the IPL.

Gavar believes that a new rule can be introduced in the IPL on the lines of The Hundred, which he definitely needs. This rule is to impose penalty on the team for slow bowling rate. With the implementation of this rule, a big difference will be seen in the IPL. As seen in the first season of The Hundred.

IPL has been criticized for the length of the matches
In the last few years, the IPL has been criticized for its lengthy matches. In T20 cricket, it is believed that the match should be over in about 3 hours. But many times matches in IPL have dragged on for four hours or more. For this reason the England and Wales Cricket Board started The Hundred tournament so that the match could be finished within three hours.

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The Hundred had made a provision of penalty for slow over rate
He took two steps to finish the match in less than 3 hours. First, he reduced 40 balls in a T20 match. Apart from this, a provision of cut off time was made to end the match. If the teams bowl at a slow over rate, then a rule has been made to have fewer fielders outside the circle.

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Pently idea can prove to be effective
In the context of IPL, Gavar said, “If IPL has to take any idea from The Hundred, then they would like to take the rule of punishing the fielding side for slow over rate.” Where there was a provision of restriction in fielding due to slow over rate. It can make a difference in any match. This cool idea came out of The Hundred.

Gavar further said, if the imposition of fines and penalties does not prove to be effective, then such punishment should be given to the teams so that they speed up the bowling. “I don’t have much trouble with slow over rates. It will be good if the teams maintain the right over rate. There is no easy answer to this question. Fines are not going to have much effect on the players because they get a lot of money like this. In such a situation, you have to surround the teams and make rules that prove to be effective.

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