Google doodle Mask: Special message of Google Doodle in the fight against Corona, in this way the message about the mask

Google doodle Mask: Special message of Google Doodle in the fight against Corona, in this way the message about the mask

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Google Doodle made people aware of wearing masks like this&nbsp


  • Google put masks on all its letters, gave a message to people to wear masks
  • Google Doodle appeals to people to follow social distancing
  • On June 21, maximum 85 lakh people were vaccinated across the country

The figures of Corona are slowly decreasing now. On Tuesday, about 43 thousand cases were reported, which shows that the firepower of the second wave is decreasing. But the danger was not over. is. About 85 lakh people were vaccinated in the country on Monday, which is a good sign in itself, although PM Narendra Modi repeatedly appeals to the people that it is necessary to follow the mask and social distancing even after the vaccine. In this regard, Google has also given a message to the people through doodle that vigilance is necessary now.

All Google characters in masks
In the Google Doodle, all the letters of the tech-giant’s name are seen wearing masks. The letter ‘e’ at the end is a healthcare professional who vaccinates the other letters. Once all the letters get their COVID-19 vaccine shot, they raise their hands to urge everyone to get vaccinated. Everyone gets into celebration mode after getting the jab. Google said about the doodle, “Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Save lives.”

Masks, social distancing and vaccination are the only measures
Google urged people to help stop the spread of the deadly virus by following safety precautions and getting vaccinated. It shared a link to a site to prevent COVID-19 transmission and another link to local COVID-19 vaccine sites. Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry said that the revised guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination More than 82.7 lakh vaccine doses were administered across the country on Monday after the guidelines came into force, the highest in a single day. Today’s record-breaking vaccination numbers are heartening. Vaccines remain our strongest weapon to fight against COVID-19.

Maximum vaccination in Madhya Pradesh on June 21
PM Modi said that congratulations to those who got the vaccine and congratulated all the frontline warriors who are working hard to ensure that so many citizens get the vaccine. Well done India!” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Madhya Pradesh saw the highest number of vaccinations on Monday, followed by the states of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. The current phase of vaccination was announced by the Prime Minister on June 7.

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