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Top 5 Free Fire items to buy with diamonds in May 2021

Top 5 Free Fire items to buy with diamonds in May 2021

Diamonds are the premium in-game currency of Free Fire and can be used to purchase a variety of items in the popular mobile battle royale.

Players must spend real money to acquire Free Fire diamonds. They should, therefore, use them wisely.

This article lists out the 5 best items that can be bought via diamonds as of May 2021.

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5 best Free Fire items to buy with diamonds

#1 Characters

Characters in Free Fire
Characters in Free Fire

Characters are one of the best features of Free Fire. Each one of them, except for “Primis” and “Nulla,” has a unique ability that helps players on the battleground.

Investing diamonds in strong characters is one of the best ways for players to spend their in-game currency. A character that suits the player’s tactical approach will go a long way in helping them overcome their opponents in a match.

It is important to note that some of these characters are available at low prices during certain Free Fire events. Players should keep an eye out for such events if they want to make the most out of their diamonds.

#2 Elite Pass

Elite Pass in Free Fire
Elite Pass in Free Fire

The Elite Pass is one of the best ways for Free Fire players to get exclusive in-game items, including skins, costumes, banners, and more. Players can progress through the pass by completing missions and collecting badges.

There are two paid variants of the pass in Free Fire: the Elite Pass and the Elite Bundle. Players can purchase them for 499 diamonds and 999 diamonds, respectively.

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#3 Gun Crates

Gun Crates
Gun Crates

Gun skins are one of the most sought-after items in Free Fire as they not only make the weapons look cool but also boost their stats significantly.

Players can use their diamonds to buy gun crates if they want to obtain a unique gun skin. These crates are priced at 40 diamonds or 25 diamonds.

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#4 Pets

Pets in Free Fire
Pets in Free Fire

Like Free Fire characters, pets have unique abilities that can help players overcome their opponents in a match. There are currently 15 pets available in the game.

Players can purchase Free Fire pets via the in-game store. Most of these pets cost 699 diamonds.

#5 Luck Royale

Current Diamond Royale
Current Diamond Royale

Free Fire players can also spend their diamonds on the Diamond Royale, the Weapon Royale or the Incubator. These segments provide players with an opportunity to obtain exclusive items in the game. While players aren’t guaranteed to win the Grand Prize, they will still receive other rewards with every spin.

Meanwhile, in the Faded Wheel, the items that players obtain are grayed out and are not repeated, which means users are guaranteed to get the Grand Prize by spending a specific amount of diamonds.

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Updated: May 19, 2021 — 5:21 pm

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