Virat Kohli ko pravakta banao says Ian Chappell

Virat Kohli ko pravakta banao says Ian Chappell

Virat Kohli ko pravakta banao says Ian Chappell


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  • Ian Chappell made a big statement on the future of Test cricket
  • Chappell said that Kohli should be made spokesperson for the betterment of Test cricket
  • Chappell said that Test cricketers will not be ready until they are motivated to play fast cricket

New DelhiFormer Australia captain Ian Chappell wants the world’s leading players to come together to decide on a structure that will work to save the future of Test cricket and India captain Virat Kohli should be made its designated ‘spokesperson’ . Chappell, one of the best captains in cricket, believes that Test playing nations cannot produce good cricketers for the longest format unless they are motivated to play cricket fast.

Chappell wrote on ESPNcricinfo, “The skills required to excel at the Test level need to be acquired at an early age and then perfected through stiff competition.” This can be achieved only if Test playing countries have a functional development system. Test cricket can survive if this continues, or else it will go downhill.

According to the former Australia captain, for this the players need to organize a summit led by Kohli. “If his (necessary for Tests) skills are hone properly then a player can adapt to any format of the game. Kohli is a good example of this. If the players really believe that Test cricket is the pinnacle then they need to talk for a summit on the future of the game. Nothing would be better than making Kohli the spokesperson for this.

‘Disappointment due to decline in skills of cricketers’

They are disappointed by the decline in the skills of the cricketers being groomed at the grassroots level. Chappell said, “The system that was prevalent in cricket for many decades, the player gradually progressed from school cricket through several levels to reach international cricket. Prioritizing revenue has affected the skill of the players, which is under consideration.

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“It is said that the skills of the players have improved. This comment needs clarification. If it refers to batsmen being more powerful hitters, then it is true. But do batsmen have better technique to withstand difficult spells of bowling for long periods of time? In most cases the answer is no.

He said, ‘It can be seen in the same way that the level of fielding has improved, but has there been an improvement in catching catches at slips? The answer is no.

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