Chetan Sakaria was stunned to know this about himself from Rahul Dravid

Chetan Sakaria was stunned to know this about himself from Rahul Dravid

Chetan Sakaria was stunned to know this about himself from Rahul Dravid


Rahul Dravid Chetan Sakaria

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  • Chetan Sakaria plays for Rajasthan Royals in IPL
  • Rajasthan had included in its team by spending 1.2 crores
  • Impressed everyone by performing brilliantly in the early phase of IPL 2021

New Delhi: Gujarat’s young fast bowler Chetan Sakaria is going through a dream phase these days. His life changed forever after playing for Rajasthan Royals in the first leg of IPL 2021. After a stellar performance in IPL 2021, he soon got a chance to join Team India and make his debut.

For IPL 2021, Rajasthan Royals included Sakariya in their team at a hefty price of Rs 1.2 crore. In the first round, he bowled brilliantly and took 7 wickets. After this, he was included in the team for the T20 and ODI series on the tour of Sri Lanka under the supervision of Rahul Dravid. India’s main team was on a tour of England, so many young players got entry in the team led by Shikhar Dhawan.

In such a situation, Chetan Sakariya has recently shared the experiences of his Sri Lanka tour. Where he got a chance to talk for the first time with the great batsman Rahul Dravid. Sakaria said that he was not happy while talking to Dravid when he came to know that Dravid was eyeing his game during the IPL.

Couldn’t believe it during conversation with Dravid
Sakariya also admitted that Rahul himself had initiated the conversation with him. When this happened, Sakariya could not believe that he was talking with a player like Dravid.

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Dravid himself initiated the dialogue
Sakaria said, we had a meeting after completing the two-week quarantine period in Sri Lanka. During this, everyone there was doing stretching or doing workouts but I was sitting by the side of the swimming pool. In such a situation, Rahul sir came to me and said, Hi Chetan, I am Rahul. I was shocked to hear this because I could not believe that he himself had come to me. After this I stood up and greeted him.

Dravid was eyeing Chetan’s performance in IPL
After this Chetan told, he asked me about my family. Learn about the game experience. He asked me about Saurashtra cricket, how have we been doing so well for the last five years. He also praised my bowling and said that I was watching your game during IPL. He liked my style of bowling with the new and old ball. It was nice to talk to a great player like him and to know that he was keeping an eye on my performance.

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