Know About Latest Instagram Story Highlights Icons

instagram story highlights icons

When someone visits your Instagram account, what do they see then? Your profile details and, as obviously, the Instagram stories highlight icons among the most valuable Instagram functions!

They’re located amid your account, functioning as excellent markers of what your identity is all about. You may create a better viewer content focus as social confidence for your product’s expertise by re-sharing the great Instagram stories from your friends. Except for Instagram Stories, which have been removed after 24 hours, Instagram Stories Highlights can remain on your account eternally. And that is why you need to spend a little time considering how you might use them to advertise and exhibit your product. visit here

instagram story highlights icons
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Do you know What is an Instagram Story Highlights Icons?

Highlight covers, also termed Instagram Story Highlight icons, are photos that may be used as the background picture for your Highlight reels on Instagram.

Anyone can generate Highlights on Instagram, which are effectively copies of earlier Stories you’ve published. Whenever you create a Highlight, it will look like a small ringed emblem at the front of your page, beneath your description.

Whenever you don’t modify your image, the first photo from the Highlight video will show. Nevertheless, you may identify your features using a personalized Feature emblem such as the ones in this collection, making it much easier for your viewers to reach the Content they would like to see immediately.

Several organizations and influencers utilize Story Highlights as an extension of the Biography portion, leveraging the Highlight function to include product details, company information, and much more.

Best Instagram Story Highlights Icons

Let’s begin with the list, given that you have a greater understanding of what Instagram Story Highlights are and how to use features. Here are some Instagram Story Highlights icons pack details available.

Instagram Highlight Cover Icons Pack

This extensive collection of Instagram Feature backgrounds is fantastic for any prospective social media marketer or influencer. Over 390 minimal icons are included in the pack, separated into 35 types. This pack contains each icon you’ll need or want to maintain your Instagram profile to seem current and respectable if you operate one or several.

The icons in this bundle are simple and elegant, but they would function well with almost any account.

Price: Included with an Envato Elements membership (starting at $14.50 per month).

Hand Painted Story Icons

These Builder Elements hand-painted Highlight designs are neat, modern, and elegant. Over 70 emblems are included in the bundle, provided in JPEG, AI, and EPS types. The icons are also completely adjustable, making them great for celebrities and business people.

Price: Free with an Envato Elements membership (starting at $14.50 per month). Perfect for both individual and commercial use.

instagram story highlights icons

Floral Instagram Story Icons

The Floral Instagram Story Highlights Icons will bring a fresh and feminine vibe to your picture. The collection includes 18 floral-themed emblems and 18 complementing backgrounds for Story postings.

Price: Available with an Envato Elements subscription (starting at $14.50 per month). Excellent for both individual and business purposes.

Summer Story Highlight Icons

Would you like to add some summary sensations to your Instagram account? The summer Instagram Feature designs from Envato Elements are a have-to. The set comprises 16 attractive icons representing specific summer objects such as sunglasses, swimsuits, and green trees.

Gorgeous custom emblems in a boho style can impress your friends and assist your page in shining out this summer.

Price: Available with an Envato Elements membership (starting at $14.50 per month). Great for both individual and commercial purposes.

Online Store Instagram Story Icons

These are the Story Feature symbols to use whether you have a modest Insta business or an online marketplace. This collection of bright themes comprises characters for highlight sections such as delivery and feedback, deals and coupons, etc. They’d look fantastic in either app shop, from shops to pharmaceuticals businesses.

Price: Free with an Envato Elements account (starting at $14.50 per month). Appropriate for both individual and business needs.

Watercolor  Instagram Story Highlights Icons Set

Clothing and accessories enthusiasts will enjoy these charming hand-drawn watercolor emblems: the resulting images of heart, globe, and scenery images, which all have a muted watercolor effect. The set contains 24 unique Instagram Highlight icons that are ideal for making your page appear more presentable and attractive.

Price: Free for non-commercial and individual purposes with reference.

Social Influencer Instagram Highlights Icons

Envato Elements’ Insta Highlight symbols are suitable for social media influencers. Pages featuring traveling themes, Q&As, style, and much more are included in the set. Users can modify and change the look of the symbols since they are available in a range of types, namely AI and EPS.

Price: Included with an Envato Elements membership (starting at $14.50 per month). Suitable for both individual and commercial work.

instagram story highlights icons

Cartoon Story Highlight Icons

The Cartoon Instagram Story Highlight icons could be whatever you’re seeking if you want anything colorful and eye-catching. The symbol package features 24 cartoon designs in vibrant hues such as red, purple, and yellow. Users can also modify the colors in the settings to fit the design of their accounts.

Price: Free with an Envato Elements membership (starting at $14.50 per month). Perfect for both individual and commercial purposes.

Colorful Plants Instagram Story Highlights Icons

These vibrant, simple Story Highlight graphics are ideal for creating a burst of color for your Instagram account. Hand-drawn representations of various plants, flowers, and vegetation are emblems. This bundle is excellent for Instagram users who want to keep a simple look while providing additional color to their page. There are 40 different symbols in the set to choose from.

Available with an Envato Elements subscription (starting at $14.50 per month). Perfect for both personal and business reasons.


You can directly post archived stories while using the post feature for a unique story, which you can subsequently add to your Stories Highlights section.

In conclusion, Instagram highlights enable businesses to attract the attention of their followers and interact with people more innovatively.

So it seems that the attraction of Instagram highlights is not going away anytime soon. Please take full advantage of it!