Know How to Record Google Meet on Any Device

Know How to Record Google Meet on Any Device

You can meet several requirements that most people need to learn about how to record Google Meet. Users cannot utilize a private email account to record Google Meet. A Google Suite account or a Business plan are both necessary. The main objective of recording Google Meet must first be understood. Do you wish to inform everyone who isn’t there about the meeting’s proceedings? The call recording is generally made to be viewed by other people later. Google Meet also provides access to an administrative Google Suite account. For recording, it is useful. Only some Google Suite users or Google Meet participants can record meetings.

Google Meet is a free online content communication platform that Google hosts for individuals of all industries, students, and individuals desiring to stay in touch.

There are several benefits to recording a Google Meet conversation, from presenting a formal meeting with a partner who couldn’t present to later referring and recording a presentation. Today, we’ll go over numerous techniques for easily recording a Google Meet call on your PC, smartphone, and other devices.

Continue reading to learn more about attempting to record Google Meet calls.

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Who Has Access to Record a Google Meet?

Those who have specific Google Workspace subscriptions are the only ones who can record a Google Meet session utilizing Google Meet. That is to say; if you possess a free, standard Google account that wouldn’t be connected to a business or organization account, you won’t be able to record a Google Meet conversation using Google Meet.

If you need to know how to record a Google Meet call via Google Meet, you must subscribe to a Google Workspace Personal Membership.

Google Workspace versions listed below, according to Google, are currently capable of being recorded with Google Meet:

  •     Essentials
  •     Business Standard
  •     Business Plus
  •     Enterprise Starter
  •     Enterprise Essentials
  •     Enterprise Standard
  •     Enterprise Plus
  •   Added Education (Available to users with a “staff” and “student” license)
  •     An improvement for learning and teaching (accessible to users holding a license for “Teaching and Learning Upgrade”)
  •     A subscriber to a Single Workspace

Suppose you already have the proper Google Workspace account. In that case, you may record a Google Workspace conversation if you are the meeting organizer, are in the same company as the meeting organizer, or have been granted recording authorization by the Google Workspace administrator.

Kindly be informed that recording Google Meet calls requires the Google Meet program running on a PC. Mobile devices cannot use this functionality.


On a Computer, How to Record a Google Meet

  1. Start your Google Meet meeting.
  2. You can actually record the Google Meet session by choosing “Recording” on the sidebar that will display once “Premium” appears. To do this, go to the bottom right side corner of the shown and choose “Activities.”
  3. Click “Start” to begin recording, and click “Stop Recording” to end it at any time.

Please be advised that the right Google Workspace account is required in order to use unique features like recording. To record the meeting, if you do not even possess this type of account, you’ll need to use a third-party plugin or ask your workspace administrator for permission. Keep reading to learn about other ways to record directly from Google Meet.

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Here You Learn How to Record a Google Meet on Your Phone or Tablet

On mobile devices, one of the efficient ways to record Google Meet chats is to use the free Screen Recorder – XRecorder app. This software can record audio and video from iOS and Android mobile devices.

Look for the Screen Recorder – XRecorder app in the application store on your smartphone. You can also download it by clicking here from the Google Play Store on your usable phone.

Check your smartphone’s upper right side corner of the screen to see the recording option. After installing the app, these options will be accessible at the top of your phone’s screen. To start recording your screen, open Google Meet, and select “record.”

To verify that your video has started, look for an orange circle just at the top of your phone’s display. The timer will display the timeframe of your recording. You can stop the recording of your Google Meet by touching the orange circle in the upper right corner of the screen.

The screen recorder program will show your recording on the monitor after you’ve finished recording your Google Meet discussion, downloaded it, or shared it using one of the following methods for sharing and saving the recording.


What Sort of Information may Google Meet Record?

Every time you record a Google Meet conversation, the following elements are stored in the recording:

  •     The speaker
  •     Any visual materials that the speaker is providing at the moment, such as Google Docs, Presentations, or Sheets
  •     a record of the meet talk
  •   The captions won’t be recorded and won’t automatically appear when the recording is repeated if a viewer has live captions enabled while the Google Meet recording is now being made.
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How to Play, Share, Download, or Save Google Meet Recordings

Are you willing to give your Google Meet recording to a friend, coworker, or pupil? Be sure to use the three techniques given below to share your recording.

In Google Drive

You can immediately save a copy of everything you capture using Google Meet to your Google Drive. Google Drive makes it simple to share and download your recording.

  •     Search the Google Drive storage for the necessary recording file.
  •     Left-clicking the file will give you access to sharing and saving options.
  •     By selecting “Share,” you can send the recording to different Google accounts, like the colleague’s Gmail account. If not, you can click “Get link” to generate a URL that lets people download or share the record.

Share with a Link

To share a link to the recording of the Google Meet session, go to your screen and click on the recording. Next, select the sharing and download link icons in front of the recording’s title.



A Google Meet call recording can be used for analysis, sharing with colleagues or learners, generating transcriptions, or producing web content. The recording feature of Google Meet is the simplest way to record a call. The only prerequisites are a Google Workspace registration and accessibility permitted by a meeting organizer.