Malaika Arora wants to become a mother again, 18 year old son Arhan Khan also supported the mother

Malaika Arora wants to become a mother again, 18 year old son Arhan Khan also supported the mother

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Is Malaika Arora going to become a mother for the second time? &nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspTimes of India


  • Malaika Arora’s name is included in the coolest moms of Bollywood.
  • Malaika Arora wants to become the mother of a daughter for the second time.
  • With her son Arhaan, she has talked about adopting a daughter.

Malaika Arora On Adopting A Girl Child: Bollywood’s famous actress Malaika Arora remains in the headlines every day. Whether it is relationship related matters or fitness goals, Malaika makes her place in the headlines. Known for her dance moves and style, Malaika is one of the coolest moms in Bollywood. She shares a strong bonding with her son. Malaika and her son Arhaan are perfect examples of mother-son goals. However, Malaika is now making a place for another member in her family. During a recent interview, Malaika has shared that she wants to adopt a daughter. And he has also spoken seriously with his son Arhaan on this issue.

Malaika wants to give family and home to a child

Malaika says that many of her close people have adopted children. She believes that having children brings happiness in life. He has also spoken to his son on this issue. She wants to give home and family to a child. But they don’t have any planning based on this yet.

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Malaika wants to be daughter’s mother

Malaika further explains that she misses the feeling of being the mother of a daughter. This is because there are many girls in the house she comes from. But, now the number of boys in his family is increasing. She told that she loves her son very much but aspires to become the mother of a daughter. She wants to live with her daughter the moments that a mother lives with her daughter.

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