Practice How to Prepare for Class 8 Math Olympiad

If you want to perform well in the International Maths Olympiad, you should learn to work smart rather than hard. An extensively researched list of tips has been prepared to help you prepare effortlessly for the exam. While they are helpful hints, nothing beats hard work and practice. Preparation for the Class 7 Math Olympiad does not have to be a task; instead, it can be transformed into a fun and engaging experience when you follow these valuable tips. 

Preparation tips to follow while preparing for Class 8 Math Olympiad

  • Familiarize yourself with the course material

This may seem self-evident and unrelated to a tip, but failing to grasp the significance of each topic might jeopardize your preparation. The Maths Olympiad curriculum is extensive, and questions will come from a variety of disciplines. Knowing which topics are the most and least essential can help you allocate attention to them.

  • Go to the website for the Olympiad

If this is your first time participating in the Olympiad or any rules have changed, be sure to check the website and familiarize yourself with the dates, times, and details of the Maths Olympiad.

  • The internet can assist

If you know how to use the internet effectively, you may obtain helpful material on various platforms, including YouTube videos and websites that provide practice exams. The ability to answer challenging mathematics problems using knowledge or approaches may be the key to saving time.

  • Each day should be well planned
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Olympiads do not need more study, but they do necessitate daily practice. Having a study plan and being ready for the part is an excellent habit to get into. It’s crucial to figure out how many days each subject will take to finish. For revision, the previous month must be kept. A good timetable aids in the equitable distribution of subjects. After you’ve finished a topic, go over it again to make sure you remember the fundamental principles.

  • Learn how to answer Olympiad questions to the best of your ability

Olympiad questions are a bit difficult since they assess abilities like observation, application, problem-solving, and analytical ability, even though the material for Olympiad examinations is largely equal to that of school boards. You’ll need good conceptual knowledge to answer these questions. Consequently, it is vital to assist students in comprehending the difficulty level of Olympiad test questions for them to prepare appropriately. Examining Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 8 Maths 2013 might assist students in gaining a better understanding of the exam’s quality and structure.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the topics

Since Olympiad Exam questions are focused on conceptual details, students must thoroughly comprehend each topic and subject covered in the Olympiad curriculum. Students may use any decent Olympiad test reference books to help them with this. These publications are meant to help students get a solid understanding of the concepts and information needed to answer Olympiad-level problems.

  • Answer Previous year’s Olympiad exam papers

All students in class 8 must solve previous year’s Olympiad exam papers to examine their knowledge and abilities to participate in Olympiad examinations. Solving past year’s exams might help you better understand the different sorts of Olympiad questions and their levels of difficulty. After completing these papers and evaluating the accuracy of their answers, students may learn about their strengths and shortcomings regarding a given field of study.

  • Make good use of your time
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Starting your preparation early can only improve your performance. Make a schedule and split your time so that you can ultimately practise all of the topics thoroughly.

  • Be consistent with your routine

You must remainmost profitably focused and follow your Math Olympiad timeline. Although no one is flawless, this is a good start. If you need to catch up on any work, adapt your schedule accordingly.

  • It’s all about practice

Practice until you’re perfect, or until your Math Olympiad score meets your expectations. Every question and exercise may be rehearsed and improved upon.

  • The value of online exams

Testing yourself in a timely way using online as well as physical exams can assist you in preparing for challenges that may arise during the Olympiad.

  • Consult with a teacher

Remember that, at the end of the day, your professors are likely to be your finest sources of knowledge since they have taught you and are familiar with your skills and shortcomings. Taking notes on your teacher’s suggestions can improve your Class 8 Math Olympiad performance significantly.

  • Keep your cool

During an Olympiad, stress will obstruct your judgment. Find out what helps you relax, whether it’s deep breathing, taking a stroll, or drinking a cup of tea. It’s just another test; don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you.

  • Finish, revise, and restart 

The Class 8 Maths Olympiad exams will test your intellect as well as your commitment. To maintain your confidence, finish your curriculum and practice often. To assess your abilities, you will require a mock question paper in the end. Don’t ignore an issue; instead, focus on resolving it. You will be able to test your mental abilities in this manner. Also, don’t overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion. This is one of the most crucial bits of advice found in the finest Olympiad preparation methods.

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The International Maths Olympiad exam is a boon for all students aspiring to find international exposure for themselves. These exams not only serve as a platform for students to test their abilities at an international level but also help them to test their abilities to their fullest potential. Class 8 Maths Olympiad is no more than a stage for students to come forward and locate their brightest intelligence through putting it into the test at one of the most challenging exams worldwide. Providing students with the utmost opportunities, rewards, and recognition Maths Olympiad is a must for every student once in their school lives. The aforementioned preparation tips are curated especially to help students prepare for their Class 8 Maths Olympiad in the most profitable manner.  


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