The Hundred Rules | The Hundred Cricket Tournament Rules from 5 ball over to 25 ball powerplay

The Hundred Rules | The Hundred Cricket Tournament Rules from 5 ball over to 25 ball powerplay

The Hundred Cricket Tournament Rules

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  • English cricket league ‘The Hundred’ is about to start
  • ‘The Hundred’ tournament rules revealed
  • Only 5 ball overs will be bowled in the league

The England Cricket Board (ECB) is going to organize ‘The Hundred’ for the first time. This English cricket league will start from July 21, in which an innings of the match has been limited to 100 balls. In this, many star players from all over the world will be seen showing their stamina. ‘The Hundred’ has been discussed for a long time. Its initial season was to be played last year, but was postponed due to the Corona epidemic. Eight men’s and eight women’s teams will participate in the tournament. The board has made the rules of ‘The Hundred’ public, which are very strange.

It will be an over of 5 balls, not 6

The first season of the tournament will have a 5-ball over. But the bowler will be allowed to bowl two consecutive overs. The umpire will raise the white card to indicate that the bowler has bowled 5 balls and only then can the next five balls be bowled. The bowler has to take approval from his captain for this. A bowler will be allowed to bowl a maximum of four overs, in which he can bowl five-five in four or 10-10 balls in two. Different white Kookaburra balls will be used in both innings during the match.

Powerplay coming soon

The rules of powerplay in ‘The Hundred’ will also be quite different. Here the powerplay will be of 25 balls and only two players will be outside the 20-yard circle at that time. At the same time, the fielding team will be allowed to take a strategic timeout of two minutes. It can be taken at any time during the shift. On the other hand, the batting team will not be able to do so. One run is awarded in a no-ball cricket match, but in English, two runs will be awarded. Apart from this, another interesting thing will be seen that the toss of the match will be at the DJ stand.

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