Taliban is searching for people who worked with US and NATO

Taliban is searching for people who worked with US and NATO

Taliban is searching for people who worked with US and NATO


UN warns Taliban is searching for people who worked with United States and NATO

Taliban has made a priority list of the people.&nbsp


  • The brutal face of Taliban is once again exposed in front of the world.
  • Taliban fighters looking for people who helped foreign forces
  • The United Nations has released a report on the threat of Taliban

New Delhi : After establishing its rule in Afghanistan, Taliban has started showing its real face. The difference between the words and deeds of its spokesperson and its leaders who conduct political talks is clearly visible. Taliban spokesman and its leaders who hold talks with the Afghan government in Doha may talk about peace and taking everyone along, but the ground reality is coming to the fore. A report has been released by the United Nations. The report warns about the threat of the Taliban.

Taliban has prepared a ‘priority list’
The report, which assesses the Taliban’s threat, said that Taliban fighters have intensified their operation to find people working with US and NATO troops in Afghanistan. They are going from house to house looking for such people. According to Al Jazeera’s report, this confidential report says that the Taliban has prepared a ‘priority list’ of such people. The Taliban is threatening to kill or arrest family members of the ‘wanted’ people if they do not come forward.

Firing on people celebrating Independence Day
In the last few days, the brutal face of Taliban has come in front of the world. He has come down hard on the people who came on the streets to celebrate the Afghanistan Independence Day. It is being told that he opened fire on people celebrating independence on the streets of Asadabad and two people were allegedly killed in this firing. In Jalalabad too, Taliban fighters opened fire on people waving the Afghan flag. One person and a teenage boy were injured in the firing.

Western countries’ fight against terrorism will weaken
Christian Nelman, executive director of the Norwegian Center for Global Analysis, which prepared its report for the United Nations, told AFP news agency: “The Taliban is targeting the families of those who have refused to give up.” He is punishing the family members of those people under Sharia law. We fear that the Taliban will wreak havoc on people and their families who have worked with NATO and US forces. This will harm the logistical advantage that Western intelligence agencies have gained in fighting the Taliban, ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

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